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Happy Anniversery.....What an Oxymoron!

Today marks the first year anniversery of my first day at Job Corps. How sad is that?

I am one of only like 3 girls remaining of the dozen or so I came in with.

I have at least another year and a half to go.

I have a zit on my nose.

My roomate is blind to the god made flesh that is Hugh Jackmen.

50's and 60's styles are coming back.

It's hot today.

Finals are next week.

I am out of pop-tarts.

On the plus side............ Ya know what, ill just end it here.

Happy Anniversery to me.
(Sound of gun being cocked echos through cyberspace)

Job Corps Review-Hello, it's me again!!!!

Job Corps Review, July 2008.

More School!!!!